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Boodle - The App

Introducing Boodle – The App: Your All-in-One Financial Control Centre!

For the Savvy & the Switched-On

Elevate your financial game with a tool designed to give eYOU the power. Dive deep into your finances, irrespective of where you bank, all under one roof!

360° Overview

See every cent, from every account, every credit card, every investment. Get the full picture instantly.

No more juggling between apps or web pages. Boodlebrings them all together, giving you a singular, undistracted view.

Boodle App

Deep Dive Into Your Spend

Discover where every cent goes with our categorised spending analysis.

Our user-friendly interface ensures YOU are in the driver’s seat. After all, it’s your money

Boodle App

Master Your Saving Goals

Dream big and let Boodle guide your savings journey.

Set, track, and achieve your financial milestones with our intuitive savings goal planner.

With Boodle, your dreams are closer than you think!

Boodle App

Safety First

With two-factor authentication as well as Boodle’s Security Shield, you can manage your money confidently, knowing you’re secure and protected.

Two-factor Authentication

Unlock Your Financial Future with Boodle!

Be among the first to experience a new era of financial empowerment. Join the Boodle waitlist today and ensure you’re front and center when we launch. Your journey to financial mastery is just around the corner!