Since the weather is cooling and fresh produce is increasingly expensive, these recipes utilise both frozen and in season vegetables to keep prices down.

This Week's Bedrock & Weekly Recipes

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Shopping List:

8 x Wraps, wholemeal
400g Flat rice noodles
Hoisin Sauce
1 bag capcisums (froz)
4 Onions *
Garlic *
200g Shelled Edamame Beans
Tomatoes x 3-4 medium
1 x Chilli
50g Sesame Seeds

Pantry staples:

1.5 kg Beef Mince
1.5 c Rice *
Fresh Cilantro *
2 Carrots
100g Lasagne pasta
Cheese sauce mix
200g Cheese
Chicken stock
Tinned tomatoes, crushed and sieved
2 x Beef Stock *
Greek yoghurt, plain
Sour Cream (light)