Hello, and welcome! I'm Michelle Green, the Founder & CEO of Boodle, a personal financial management app and community specifically designed for single, separated, and divorced women.

Life has a funny way of throwing curveballs, doesn’t it? After a 16-year marriage, I found myself navigating unchartered territory – not just as a newly single woman but also as the sole manager of my personal finances. The end of my marriage brought with it a whirlwind of emotional upheaval, and amidst all the chaos, I also had to grapple with handling every financial aspect of my life independently, a responsibility I hadn’t shouldered in years. It was daunting, but it was also a powerful learning experience.

My journey was not an easy one, but it taught me invaluable lessons about money management, self-reliance, and resilience. I quickly realised I wasn’t alone. Millions of women worldwide experience the same challenges every day, struggling to make sense of their finances post-separation or divorce. It was this shared experience that inspired me to use my knowledge and experiences to empower others in similar circumstances.

Boodle is the manifestation of this mission. It is a financial app designed with the unique needs and circumstances of single, separated, and divorced women in mind. Our user-friendly platform helps you take charge of your financial future, from managing day-to-day expenses and budgeting to planning for retirement. We break down the complexities of financial management into digestible, actionable steps, enabling you to regain control and confidence in your financial life.

But Boodle is more than just an app – it’s a community. We connect women in similar situations, fostering a network of support, encouragement, and shared learning. This community is an inclusive space where women can share their experiences, exchange advice, and inspire one another to achieve their financial goals. Because we know that there’s strength in numbers, and together, we are unstoppable.

I invite you to join us, whether you’re in the throes of a breakup, navigating life after divorce, or just seeking to take control of your financial destiny. Boodle is here to support you every step of the way. With us, you are never alone.

Remember, you are stronger than you think, and every challenge you face is an opportunity to grow. Let’s conquer our financial futures together!

Best wishes,